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The iLAB Accelerator

Unlock your full potential as a change-maker with the iLAB Accelerator Express Program. Our world-class program combines expert guidance, proven business strategies, and a cultural retreat experience to help you achieve new heights of success.

Experience the power of true business acceleration as our hand-picked mentors and facilitators teach you the tools and techniques needed to take your business skills and studies to the next level. 

At iLAB, we don't just help you grow your business, we help you design your ideal life. Our program is designed to challenge and support you every step of the way, so you can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams and live the life you've always wanted.

Collaborate and Succeed with our
Global Community of Change-Makers

iLAB Accelerator Express Program Ideal For
New Entrepreneur
Are you a new entrepreneur with a great idea but unsure how to turn it into a sustainable business?
iLAB can help. Join our program and let our experienced mentors guide you towards success.
Scaling Enterprises
Is your enterprise ready to expand into new locations or segments but you need guidance to get there?
Join iLAB and let our world-class facilitators guide you towards increased revenue, team growth, and impact.
Stablished Business Owners
Are you ready to take your business
to the next level?
Join iLAB and let our proven business strategies and expert mentorship help you achieve your goals.
Unlock your full potential as a changemaker. Our expert mentoring and guidance will empower you to make a real difference in the community and support local social impact projects & initiatives.

iLAB Accelerator Express Core Modules

Based on Roger James Hamilton's Wealth Lighthouse, our program is designed to focus on these five fundamentals to guide you to success.

Design the Life of Your Dreams

Imagine living a life filled with wealth, vitality, meaningful relationships, and a positive impact on the world. So many entrepreneurs start a business in pursuit of greater freedom, but too often end up trapped in a cycle of long hours, stress, and financial struggle. With iLAB, you'll learn how to create a business that supports the life you truly want. Unlock your full potential and transform your life by mapping out and intentionally designing your ideal vision for wealth, health, energy, relationships, and social impact.

Unlock Your True Potential with Managing Flow

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unproductive in both your personal and professional life? It's time to tap into the power of flow and unleash your full potential. Imagine being able to leverage your time, energy, and resources to achieve wealth and success like the most successful people in the world. By gaining clarity on how to use your natural path and rhythm, you can optimise your effectiveness and reach new heights in life and business. Don't fight against your flow, harness it and watch your life transform before your eye

Uncover Your Unique Identity

Are you tired of struggling to establish your business in a crowded market? Discover your true identity and develop a winning market position that will attract success and opportunities from all around the world. Imagine being able to live, work, and play anywhere you desire, all thanks to your powerful and distinct brand identity. The most successful global brands and influencers have mastered their identity, and you can too. Don't let a lack of positioning hold you back any longer, uncover your unique identity and watch your business soar to new heights.

Dominate Your Market

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and become the industry leader? Mastering your market starts with mastering where and when you work. Successful businesses attract flow and opportunities from the marketplace consistently and continuously. Imagine having the power to build a world-class business, with the products, partnerships, services, and systems that will set you apart from the competition. Don't let your business fall behind, learn how to master your market and watch as your business skyrockets to new heights of success and prosperity

Master Your Earnings

Are you tired of pouring time and resources into your business without seeing significant financial returns? It's time to Monetize Your Moment and turn your attention into profits. Learn the process of testing and measuring to ensure ongoing improvements to your business. Imagine having the ability to create effective promotions that consistently deliver results and increase your income. Don't let your business fall short, discover the secrets of monetization and watch your earning potential soar.

Learn from World-Class
Facilitators & Mentors


Donna Izobella - Mentor
Donna Izobella
Terri Billington - Faculty
Terri Vincent


Chef Cynthia - Mentor
Chef Cynthia
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse
Roger Hamilton - Mentor
Roger Hamilton
Sandra Morrell - Mentor
Sandra Morrell
Rav Karwal - Mentor
Rav Karwal
Suraj Naik - Mentor
Suraj Naik
Paul Dunn - Mentor
Paul Dunn
Shane Bowen - Mentor
Shane Bowen


Deborah Harris
Catherine Ord

What’s Included in iLAB Accelerator Express

Icon Bed
Accommodation with healthy meals and unlimited coconuts
Airport transfers direct to the resort
1:1 and group mentoring and collaboration
Welcome and closing dinners and ceremonies
Optional evening and weekend activities
Educational resources and lifetime membership to a private community
Complimentary massage, resort services, and amenities
High-speed Wi-Fi and in-house spa, café, and juice bar
Organized daily activities and access to yoga mats and beach sessions.
Additional bonus included with your iLAB Accelerator Express Enrolment

12 Months Membership to Genius Mentors
(value $9,700)

Entrepreneur Beach Club - 12 month Membership
Access to all our coworking cafes and entrepreneur communities in paradise locations around the world (value $3,000)

Global Entrepreneur Summit Gold Package
Get ‘2023 Ready’ with the top 10 trends Global entrepreneurs are riding to attract customers, maximize profits, increase impact and work from anywhere

Identify Your Core Genius to know who you need to be surrounding yourself with to maximise your wealth.
Token to Wealth Dynamics Test (value $97).

The Global Goals

Your iLAB enrollment provides 365 days of education to children in the world.

Quality Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles to achieve sustainable development. It improves health and livelihoods as well as contributes to social stability. This is why Quality Education is one of the United Nation's Global Goals.

Your enrollment provides access to education for children all over the globe through our partnership with B1G1.

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Travel & Visa Details

  • Passport 6 Months Validity
  • Social Cultural Visa, applied from your home country & sponsored by PT XL Vision Villa Resort
  • SCV is valid for 60 days and can be extended
  • We can offer a visa extension service if required.

Kyron Gosse

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Kyron believes that every person on this planet was born to do awesome.

His mission is to help people stop working to simply pay the bills and start doing meaningful work.

Kyron is the founder and CEO of FreedomCo, a company working to remove the cost of living and support more people to stop working jobs they hate and start living life on their own terms.

Kyron is also the founder of the Freedom Investor Network - a business with the mission of bringing financial prosperity to the South Pacific. It's where he partners with the world's best wealth educators and coaches in order to help everyday people to learn the skills they need in order to invest for passive income and monetise their passions.

Shane Bowen

Shane is the Head of Digital Media Production for the Genius Group. He started with a trade degree in glazing, earned a certification in horticulture and administration IT, then became an author and poet. He now lives his passion in videography and public speaking.

Shane has worked in personal development for more than ten years. He has collaborated with authors, futurists and mentors and is currently the digital media manager, as well as mentor and host, at Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs.

Paul Dunn

Paul is a TEDx Speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and presenter. Among the numerous honours he has received for his work is a Global Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Accounting Profession—even though he’s NOT an accountant!

Paul is a Senior Fellow of a leading business thinktank and is now a Fellow of Singapore’s Social Innovation Forum. His work as chairman of B1G1 has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Trendwatching, Springwise, Mashable, and Voice of America.

Rav Karwal

An entrepreneurial operating executive and social entrepreneur with a successful track record leading Marketing, Sales/Revenue, and other go-to-market strategies at early to later-stage tech ventures. During his time working with portfolio companies in private equity/venture capital, and as a co-founder of two start-ups, Rav consistently drives exponential revenue growth across numerous industry sectors.

Jade Green

As a teacher, best-selling author, learning junkie, spiritual being and adventurer, Jade has built a reputation as a hard-charging, high performance entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. She is also a certified trainer and facilitator for Mindvalley and Entrepreneur Resorts.

Jade combines world class content and methodologies, helping founders of fast-growth businesses to reverse-engineer their lives and build a successful business while living the life of their dreams.

Terri Christine Billington

A coach and interviewer with a fun style, Terri is known for bringing out the best in people: both founders of giant companies to everyday people doing extraordinary things.

She has built a number of successful companies, but now coaches others to achieve the same success. Her superpower is helping people harness their strengths in order to create massive results through partnerships. That allows them to accelerate their business, increase abundance, and improve many lives.

Chef Cynthia

An entrepreneur and award-winning chef, Cynthia cooks real food dishes. She’s passionate about reinventing recipes with natural ingredients to make them healthier, and bring clarity and realness to the food table by providing true ethnicity to international cuisine.

She’s also a restaurant consultant, health retreat presenter, and best-selling co-author of three cookbooks. More recently, she’s been refining her art through a collaboration with leading authority on natural health and longevity, Tyler Tolman.

Suraj Naik

Chief Technology Officer at Genius Group

After launching Wealth Dynamics and Millionaire Master Plan, Suraj now heads marketing and services at GeniusU (, the world’s leading entrepreneur education platform.

Suraj’s expertise includes digital marketing teams, marketing automation, CRM, big data, consulting and entrepreneurship. He was also responsible for a four-month campaign to ensure placement of The Millionaire Master Plan on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Donna Izobella

Donna is Head of Training at Entrepreneurs Institute, responsible for curation and delivery of their world-class consulting programs. She also sits on the faculty board for Entrepreneurs Resorts and is the founder of Boss365, a business consultancy. She has been consulting for businesses for over 25 years.

She has supported over 500 businesses and was made senior leader in the firm at age 24. Today she focuses her work on founders and leaders in the SME space.

Sandra Morrell

Board Member - Genius Group

Sandra Morrell’s experience as a successful business owner along with a career as a professional Presenter, Mentor and Educator has created a strong foundation for her current role as Genius Group Board Director, with over 30 years experience in owning, starting, selling, building and purchasing Businesses. Including a home based Agricultural business which Sandra built from ground zero to a $6.5 million dollar success along with a Ready mix Concrete business which she co-founded and built from scratch to selling out her shares to a Multi National in 2018 to successfully raising the awareness and capital needed to list Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd as a publicly listed company (IPO). She has now personally worked with hundreds of small Businesses, thousands of individuals, and many large corporations in a strategic consulting, mentoring and educating role and is still a successful Business owner. Sandra’s ‘hands on’ practical knowledge is enhanced by having over a decade of experience in Business Banking, Finance, Accounting and Commercial Lending.

Roger Hamilton

CEO and Founder of Genius Group

Roger is a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow. Roger is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, which is the largest Entrepreneur Network in the world, with over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 cities. He is also the founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs Group, which had its IPO and became a listed company in 2017. His tech company, GeniusU, connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, connections and opportunities, and is growing from a $30 million to $50 million A.I. business in the coming year. Roger has had over 30 years of experience launching and building companies and has spent the last 10 years building the current group. He is also the creator of Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics, used by over 700,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. All of Roger’s companies empower the Entrepreneur Movement collectively growing our ability to create and contribute wealth.