Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris: iLAB Success Story

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Entrepreneur Vision, Uncategorized

In every iLAB there’s a success story. Back in 2015, Deborah Harris and her partner Jeremy attended the October iLAB program. The problem they faced before their iLAB was that they had a very traditional accounting practice and knew that many people were competing for virtually the same things: the tax dollar and getting tax returns done.

Deborah wasn’t inspired by that, so as part of her iLAB journey, she got really clear on how to develop promotion plans and how to be accountable to those plans, to drive their business forward. An idea was born to create a virtual CFO program, which after a few years on from their iLAB experience, they’ve been able to build into a 6 figure business.

A driven philanthropist, speaker and entrepreneur, Deborah is now the Co-founder and Director of The Grow CFO Co, a company specialising in growing the financial capabilities of purpose driven businesses. Her goal is to help businesses grow, which are already making an effort to make the world a better and fairer place for everyone.