Genius, Yoga & Shiva

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Entrepreneur Vision, Social Impact

Shiva may be a powerful god, but he too has problems. One day he notices that his partner, Parvati is mad at him. He doesn’t know what he’s done exactly, but he knows that she is his whole world and simply cannot live with her being mad at him for eternity. He’s identified a problem that he is determined to solve.

So what does he do? He calls up his mates! They all get together and start talking about how they’re going to come together to impress Parvati and help Shiva figure out a solution that will repair their relationship.

They all point out that Shiva is a great dancer, and has been practising this one move that he will totally knock the socks off Parvati. So together they construct a precisely timed performance and wait for Parvati.

Parvati shows up and is a bit puzzled, thinking along the lines of ‘why are all of our friends here and why is there this epic music playing?’ Shiva begins to dance along with the music of the cosmos, and when he strikes his final move something incredible happens! He and Parvati unite, their energies come together and the enter universe enters into the flow.

How was Shiva able to get not only himself but the entire UNIVERSE into a state of higher consciousness?

His love for Parvati was driving him forward, he had a purpose and a problem to solve. He looked into his skill set to figure out what and when he was going to do to resolve the problem. He sought a team who would help him deliver his vision. Once he had found the answers to these essential questions (who, what, when, how) he was able to actualize his purpose. He was able to thrive.

iLAB uses the same principles as it guides us towards actualizing our purpose. Each of the major questions we ask ourselves on the road towards developing a business fit into different types of energy.


When effectively managed, these energies unite and enable us to connect with that thing that is driving us forward, the ‘why’ energy of the spirit.

When I was asked to teach yoga for iLAB I was so excited! I knew the energetic principles underlying Roger Hamilton’s system and was stoked to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into my yoga flows.

Each day we focused on a different element. One day was an energetic fire day where we sweat bullets on the rooftop. Another was a grounding earth day where we focused on our connection to the ground. Through these thematic movements, we were able to not only connect with the intellectual qualities of the elements but to embody their properties physically.

Each yoga posture holds meaning on physical, mental and spiritual levels. When we practice yoga we are presented with an opportunity to tap into ourselves. When given a structure to do so in the universe opens to us. We can tap into the elements, tap into the flow just like Shiva.

When we stop to ask ourselves the essential questions, we provide ourselves with the frameworks we need to come into our unique flow. To identify with and embody the ways in which they personally can harness different energies in order to reach their unique purpose. Although we were practising yoga together, unified by a shared story and philosophy, each person was able to go into their unique qualities and access that which differentiates them.

The iLAB course takes us through these energies and helps us to understand how we are naturally inclined to certain tendencies. Our natural strengths guide us into our flow, a certain energy that we feel particularly in-tune with. While we may be able to intellectually understand, the real magic comes to us when we are able to embody these principles, when we integrate them through our bodies and minds.

I am so grateful to be able to share the ways we can use yoga to physically embody the energetic concepts that drive successful businesses and thriving entrepreneurs. Through the spiritual wisdom of practising yoga as a group we create a space where individuals can access their unique potential together. We take advantage of natural states of energy and use them strategically to go forward as thriving entrepreneurs. This is the essence of iLAB.

Liz McKibben