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How to Promote your Natural Therapy Business Online

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Entrepreneur Vision, Health & Wellbeing

It seems like one of the deep ironies of life. Those who do the most to help people, often struggle more than anyone to make a living out of it.

Promoting a business as a natural therapist is actually not much different than for any other type of business, in that it requires a marketing plan, branding strategy and way to retain clients. However, ask your average nutritionist or kinesiologist if they enjoy selling their services, or setting up promotions, and most likely they’ll just wince their faces.

There are various things that every business needs, whether health-based or otherwise, to promote their business online. From basics like setting up a website and listing on local search engine directories, to social media and email marketing, this article will guide you with some advice on how to promote your natural therapy business online.

First up, your Website

Your business needs a home online, and this is it. Ideally, you’ll build it like you’d build your home: Filled with beautiful pictures, authentic, visually pleasing and welcoming for all guests. Except your guests are potential customers, and the photos and other visuals are all made encourage them to find out more about your natural therapy services.

Your website will also probably differ if your practice is in naturopathy or osteopathy, as opposed to massage or remedial therapy. Make it look pleasing, yet professional. Your potential clients may find you from Google, local listings or networking, and once they’re there, any bookings will depend on how clear, informative and inviting your website is.

Choose a Brand that Represents YOU

This is your promise of value, which ideally guides every action your business takes. A brand permeates your marketing and sales strategy too, so in a way it’s the heart of your business. You should definitely tie it to something you’re passionate about, such as healing society, eradicating a specific illness, saving the world, etc. In short, your brand should always inspire you, so that it can inspire others in return.

Once someone has decided to look for a natural therapist, their next decision to choose one may be more emotion-based. Perhaps you only use organic or sustainably-sourced products for your massages, as you choose to be environmentally friendly. Having this communicated on your website and social channels will go a long way in attracting these types of customers, which is (fortunately, for our planet) a growing market.

What’s your Marketing Plan?

It might be tough at first to figure this out, but once you have a marketing plan, things will start flowing more sustainably for your business. To make your plan a reality, you need your marketing intention (such as getting people to your website), strategy (like a social media promo giving away 30 minute intro sessions), deadlines (when the steps in your plan kick off) and what your budget is (not too little, not too much).

Remember to keep your marketing plan simple. And review it on a weekly basis, seeing what worked and what didn’t, so you can implement any changes. Always be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish – like becoming the top naturopathy business in your region. Be ambitious, but also work with what you know you can accomplish. And hopefully every few months you will be surprised at how much your business is growing.

Email is King (and Social Media, the Queen)

Some online promotion channels are useful whether you’re starting out or at the top of your industry. Email and social media are two such effective channels, which you should definitely make the most of, without going overboard. Quirky Instagram weekly posts for herbal medicine or aromatherapy businesses are great ways to connect with your audience. Or you may choose more informational email newsletter as an osteopathist.

As long as you don’t send too many emails, it’s definitely a good idea to get your customers’ email addresses so you can send them special offers, and update them on the latest developments. Use your ‘voice’, be funny, serious or any mood you like, as long as it feels real, so your old and new clients feel engaged. For social media, you can post as often as you like, but make sure to remain on point, as it’s still your business.

Every health-based business is different, but there are many ways to ensure yours is promoted online effectively. By finding out what brand you feel represents your passion, setting up a website that makes you proud and reflects this brand, creating a marketing plan (which you can always modify), and not forgetting about email and social media, you’ll be well on your way to success for your fast-growing natural therapy business!