If you try to imagine a rich person, a truly rich person, which image comes up?

The classic stereotype is that of an older man with untold riches, grown over countless “negotiations”, often by exploiting his fellow men and women. This has indeed been the case for most of human history. But for the past couple of decades, since the advent of the internet, things have been changing, rapidly. Anyone can become rich by having the right idea, and executing it well. But does that mean that anyone can also be wealthy?

Woman Running

Being wealthy is different to being financially well off, or rich. Wealth has to do with abundance, whether it’s personal, financial or experiential. In fact, how wealthy we are is often directly related to how healthy we feel. Have a look at some of the top CEOs in the world right now, as well as the rising stars of the business world. Most of them look starkly different to the “rich men” of ages past. Most of them look, well… very healthy.

Thanks to major advances in science, as well as long-term studies in life expectancy, it is now clearer than ever that to truly thrive in life, one only needs a few basic things. These are often passed down as clichés, yet are perhaps even more beneficial in the 21st century. They are: Strong social bonds, a physical lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and fresh food. Those are also, unsurprisingly, what helps a person to live the longest.

Once they’re taken care of we can make anything happen, such as creating vast wealth. Emotional stability, thanks to strong social bonds, can be seen in entrepreneurship as the networking effect: The more and stronger the connections, the more powerful the effect. Then we have the body health, represented by exercise, and fresh food (not just fruits and veggies, but eating with as few additives and processes as possible).

Body health can be seen in the business world as the hustle. Although we used to think that hustling meant keeping constantly busy, working too many hours, and generally squeezing as much work out of every moment, it is now clear that it’s not about working hard, but working smart. This is best achieved by being in flow. So instead of “swimming against the flow” you’re “surfing it”, so you can use its energy to get to your destination.

Finally, as a nice addition to the above three, there’s the latest craze in the business world: Mindfulness retreats, yoga classes and meditation rooms. In other words, spiritual health. Check out many of the ‘Unicorn’ companies coming out of Silicon Valley, Singapore and other entrepreneurial hotspots, and you’ll notice a similar pattern in most of them. Various ways to find inner peace, either individually, or as a team exercise.

The reason for this may be because spiritual health is now seen as one of the best ways to ensure you are clear in your goals and vision, as you search deep within for self-knowledge, and solutions. It not only allows you to be more calm and focused, but it helps you be a better leader, feel more creative, and develop higher level ideas than before. Not bad for something which can be achieved basically anytime, from anywhere.

It’s possible that if we fast-forward to the year 2050, improving our health will be seen as inseparable from improving our finances, as one is connected to the other in more ways than we can currently imagine. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how best to achieve the perfect blend of health and wealth, check out the iLAB for Health Entrepreneurs website so you can develop your perfect health business ahead of 2020.