Michelle Crawford

Michelle Crawford: Exponential Award Winner

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Entrepreneur Vision

Every year at iLAB, we offer a variety of entrepreneurs an opportunity to attend the life-changing iLAB for Exponential Entrepreneurs program, at no cost to the winner.

To achieve this, we run an annual competition to give out the ‘Exponential Impact Award’ to a business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur with bold ideas, a driven personality and the commitment to make a positive impact on others. This year, the winner was Michelle Crawford from Newcastle Australia. Her company is called Being More Human.

Michelle Crawford

Michelle won thanks to her promising application, out of over 100 submissions, where she talked about her mission to create a bespoke system for change, that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit. She’s created this via her company, Being More Human, as well as her book, Being More Human: Reaching Your Human Potential Through Mindset Management, which explores the way mindset influences outcomes.

At Vision Villa Resort, where the iLAB for Exponential Entrepreneurs will be run on February 22nd for one intensive week, Michelle claimed her exponential impact award, from the iLAB team. She was joined in Bali by iLAB partner Theresa Fowler, as well as her friend and business partner, Alexandria Joy. During the ceremony, she expressed much enthusiasm to join the program, where she’ll bring a few of her friends and family.