iLAB: A Transformational Experience

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Entrepreneur Vision

What is iLAB?

1 to 2 weeks of intensive learning, life-changing connections, and blissful rejuvenation

The iLAB is a Retreat-based Business Accelerator, to help entrepreneurs advance to the next stages of their business. It is also a cultural experience, which you can attend in tropical Bali, the African savannah, a snow-capped Czech chalet, or sunny Costa Rica.

During the program, the iLAB mentors will teach you proven business growth strategies, so you can monetize your expertise, learn new skills, transform lives with your passion, and connect better with your audience. You can also join a range of adventure activities.

Whether you’re leaving the corporate world to start your new business, or you’re already an established entrepreneur, keen to expand your business, the iLAB will challenge and support you to create your ideal business model, with a clear step-by-step success plan.

What’s Included?


Powerful Group Mentoring and 1:1 Accountability and Strategy Sessions. Access to Lead Facilitator and Expert Mentors


Creation of a Promotion Plan: A step-by-step plan to grow business and predict revenue


Lifetime Access to the Global iLAB Community and iLAB Digital Vault of templates, tools and go-to resources


Numerous cultural, social, fitness and adventure activities


Twin or single room accommodation in a luxurious suite, at one of our Entrepreneur Resorts. Nutrition-packed breakfast, lunch and dinner is included, plus healthy tea break


Pick-up and drop off from the airport

Itinerary Overview

Monday to Friday

  • Wake up in paradise, morning sunrise activity 6am, followed by a healthy breakfast
  • First expert mentor session starts at 8:50am
  • Lunch at 1pm, plus two quick snack breaks
  • Finish expert mentor sessions by 6pm
  • Dinner. Networking. Relaxation


  • Free time, with optional adventure and social activities organised and tailored for you
  • You can also use this time to travel, relax or further implement all your learnings.

Schedule Overview: Week 1

(Of 15 Day iLAB)

Day 1

Arrive at the resort, relax and unwind. A welcome dinner & show awaits you at 6pm.

Day 2 (Water Energy)

  • Finding your way
  • Playing a bigger game
  • Future vision

This is where you start by finding your ‘why’, driving your actions as you accomplish your goals. You’ll learn the insider secrets to how many top entrepreneurs succeed, such as having an inspiring future vision, filled with purpose.

Day 3 (Wood Energy)

  • Foundation Level Prism
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Wealth Spectrum

On this day you’ll immerse yourself into the foundations of entrepreneurship, as well as how to leverage your own strengths, understand the flow of others and delegate better. You’ll also learn which steps are required for you to increase revenue, depending on the stage of your business.

Day 4 (Fire Energy)

  • Identify your identity
  • Health is the new wealth
  • Triad of brands Health, branding and identity

This day is all about knowing, improving and empowering yourself and your business, as you move up the levels of success.

Day 5 (Earth Energy)

  • Master your market
  • Stages of the enterprise
  • Customer promise

On this day you’ll learn how to position yourself within a market (whether it’s niche or crowded), as well as which steps to follow so you get more customers, who remain loyal.

Day 6 (Metal Energy)

  • Monetise your moment
  • Compelling offer

An often underrated step on the pathway to success, today is all about planning and running product and/or service offers, which pass value to your market, and put money in your pocket.

Day 7 + 8

Adventure & social activities & implementation.

(See activities overview)

Schedule Overview: Week 2

(Of 15 Day iLAB)

Day 9 (Water Energy)

  • Promotion Plans

A good promotion plan, with incentives and an irresistible offer, are often the best way to attract new customers, and regain legacy ones. This week you’ll start by creating, executing and leveraging your ideal promotion plan.

Day 10 (Wood Energy)

  • Sales & marketing funnel fundamentals

Today you’ll learn advanced sales & marketing techniques, so you can deliver value and make your business attractive. This way, customers will flow to you, instead of you chasing them.

Day 11 (Fire Energy)

  • Impact Projects

Envision a reality where your business creates vast wealth for you, while having a positive effect in the world. Design the life you deserve to live, so you can make the impact you are ready to have in the world.

Day 12 (Earth Energy)

  • Measures to success

Build a solid foundation to always be cash-flow positive in your career, business and your investments. On this day you’ll create a personalised plan fitting your natural talents, passions and purpose.

Day 13 (Metal Energy)

  • Setting up for success
  • Balinese blessing
  • Graduation ceremony

Day 6 (Metal Energy)

  • Monetise your moment
  • Compelling offer

An often underrated step on the pathway to success, today is all about planning and running product and/or service offers, which pass value to your market, and put money in your pocket.

Day 14 + 15

Adventure & social activities & implementation.

(See activities overview)

Activities Overview

Every weekday there will be fun, cultural or relaxing activities to take part in. From calming meditation and energetic yoga, to sunrise beach walks and discovering the local culture, we want your iLAB experience to be truly transformational and inspiring.

Your activities will also depend on where your iLAB is. In South Africa there are wildlife Safari drives, whereas in Costa Rica it’s all about snorkeling. On the weekends in Bali, you can discover amazing waterfalls and adventurous water swings, climb the island’s highest and holiest peak, Mt Agung, or explore the beautiful island of Lembongan.

Pending program location, and weather conditions

Extra iLAB Bonuses

  • 12 months access to Roger Hamilton’s Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind – Monthly virtual group calls, with insights from Entrepreneur Resorts founder, as well as your business questions answered in a followup Q&A – A $970/year value
  • 12 Months Membership to ‘Mentor Level’ on GeniusU – A $970/year value
  • 12 month membership to the Entrepreneur Beach Club – This gives you access to all our coworking cafes and entrepreneur communities, in exotic locations around the world – A $97/year value
  • Global Entrepreneur Summit Platinum Package – Two VIP Tickets to a GES Event, so you can get ‘2020 Ready’ with the top global trends entrepreneurs need to attract customers, maximise profits, and increase impact – A $1,940 value
  • Wealth Dynamics Power Pack – Identify your core genius and who you need to be surrounding yourself, so you can maximise your wealth path – A $97 value
  • Entrepreneur Dynamics Live Workshop – Two VIP Tickets to get a full agile leadership pathway to increase your income and impact, achieve 5% – 10% growth each month, and 10x your business from $1m – $10m – A $194 valueams to grow their flow.