Discover a true Balinese experience in a modern and spacious resort, purpose-built for game-changing entrepreneurs and infused with the spirit of local culture.

Between fields of rice paddies and temples, Vision Villa Resort is located well away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud – a popular tourist area in Bali.

Among the wide range of included activities, you can rejuvenate body and soul with a guided yoga session, relaxing Balinese massage at the spa, or just lounge and indulge yourself in the refreshing pool.

Smiling staff members are always ready to bring refreshing drinks, shady umbrellas, and fluffy towels.

You’ll feel yourself relax and balanced between culture and well-being.


Among the more than 17,000 tropical islands in Indonesia, Bali
shines the brightest as the tourism favorite.

Here are three reasons why you should visit Bali.

Breathtaking beaches

From soft white sand, limestone cliffs, or rare black sand, each beach has its unique charm.

There’s a beach for every person, need and mood.

The spirit of adventure

Whether it’s hiking through luscious forests, walking along the beach, swimming or diving in the sea, catching the perfect wave, discovering waterfalls, or extreme sports that you’re after… in Bali, you’ll find it.

Cultural connection & warm locals

Bali’s beauty goes much deeper than its beautiful aesthetic. The island is also home to many traditional cultural traditions that are still practiced.

The Balinese hold many ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year, many of which can be enjoyed by curious tourists.

Most people who have been to Bali will agree that the Balinese are the friendliest people. Making new friends is easier here than anywhere else in the world.

Experiencing Balinese culture is like stepping into a whole new world.


Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Vision Villa Resort was designed with entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital nomads in mind. The boutique resort provides a calm space in natural surroundings that sparks creativity and builds success.

Find all you need to build your business in a beautiful, luxury hotel near Gianyar. Feel inspired. Build connections. Create your vision.

Vision Villa Resort Rooms

At Vision Villa Resort, you’ll experience memorable days and relaxing nights in a beautiful, inspiring setting. Each of Vision Villa Resort’s 17 luxurious rooms has been designed to reflect the story of a different Hindu god through its décor, character, color scheme, and style.

Choose from luxurious garden suites, from spacious family rooms, and from quiet terrace rooms where you can sit and enjoy the view over our landscaped grounds inspired by the five elements of the ancient world.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Library
  • Meeting Room
  • Fitness Room
  • Rooftop Lounge
  • Full Concierge Service
  • 5 Pavilions for Relaxation, Creation, and Connection
  • Genius Café - Fresh All-Day Dining


Any visit to Bali will be magical and relaxing. But when you stay in our 4-star hotel in Gianyar, you also have access to the Vision Villa Spa.

Lie back and treat your body to the pampering it deserves. From head massages to pedicures, our spa professionals will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Whether you’re working alone or managing a team, there’s space for you at Vision Villa Resort.

Spend the day by the pool while you work on your new project or finish your pitch. Meet other entrepreneurs in a relaxed, beautiful, and nurturing environment.


Our library will give you quiet, contemplation, and exactly the atmosphere you need to find inspiration. Enjoy our wide range of books and magazines.

Take a coffee. Sip a fresh smoothie. Leaf through an old book, or work quietly on your laptop.

Conference Room

The conference room is everything you’d expect from a 4-star hotel – and more. It’s an ideal venue for staging conferences, running workshops, teaching training courses, and managing special events.

It’s private, flexible, and provides all the resources you need to bring people together in a truly memorable setting.

Meeting Room

Ideal for private meetings, small presentations or just for quiet, undisturbed work, our meeting room will give you the space you need to get things done. Free Wi-Fi is available.

If you have any special needs, please feel free to ask.

Genius Cafe

Genius Café Vision Villa is an inspirational co-working environment and café. Building upon the success of our Sanur beach location, the Genius Café at Vision Villa Resort brings networking, productivity, and inspiration to a uniquely beautiful setting. The Genius Café Food Experience with amazing Chef Cynthia Louise offers you a complete daily nutrition package.

With a Menu crafted from the best locally-sourced organic food, complemented by deliciously fresh smoothies and unlimited coconuts, your nutrient intake at iLAB has been designed to give your body everything it needs to help support your journey.

Our motto with our food is simple:

“To give your body what it needs to create an amazing business lifestyle.”

Beautiful resort and team who run it

The rooms, gardens and pool are all superb, ensuring a peaceful stay. Add the amazing healthy food from the Genius Cafe and the very attentive service by the Vision Villas’ team and you can be sure of a wonderful experience.
Love it!

Tonya Herron


iLAB Accelerator is hosted in the breathtaking boutique Vision Villa Resort in Bali. It offers multiple days of business masterminding, meaningful connection, cultural excursions, and enlightening workshops from the top entrepreneur leaders in the world.

You’ll form life-long friendships with like-minded Entrepreneurs and Difference Makers from all around the world, as you work closely together, learning and creating, during this one-of-a-kind 15-day immersion program.

There’s so much to explore and experience in this tropical paradise, as you set yourself up to work from your iPad or laptop, and make the first steps toward creating an anytime/anyplace business.