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iLAB is a retreat-based, entrepreneur training course in Bali, Africa and Europe. Its main purpose is to accelerate your business, so that you can monetize your expertise, follow your passion, connect to your audience, and create a bigger impact in your industry and beyond.

The iLAB is also a cultural experience, whether you attend in tropical Bali, the safari backdrop of iLAB Tau, or the snowy luxury of iLAB Sněžka. The iLAB will challenge and support you, as you create your ideal business model, with a step-by-step plan for your life and business success.

“You can see exactly what you need for the stage you’re at, and what the stages are to get out of that level and to the next level. Right up to the point where you’re functioning at the goal that you’re trying to get to. That perspective is invaluable because while we have a lot of information we don’t necessarily know how to apply it, and iLAB teaches you to do that. The community is great and the mentors even better.”

– Ross Gauldie



Immerse yourself in an amazing learning and cultural experience. During your 7 – 14 day entrepreneur training course, you’ll receive:

  • iLAB group mentorship, 1 on 1 sessions & peer review
  • Shared business growth resources
  • Access to experts in business development, sales and negotiation, branding and marketing, building world-class teams, social enterprise, strategic partnerships & more
  • Fun adventures & morning activities
  • Connecting with dynamic entrepreneurs
  • Powerful business acceleration
  • And more!

All of this while surrounded by an exotic and truly inspiring luxury resort environment, in either Bali, Czech Republic or South Africa.

Now here’s the real secret…

It’s not just about what you learn there, but rather more about the people you meet.

Though the program content is powerful on its own, something magical happens when a small tribe of entrepreneurs come together, who are all focused on delivering a greater impact in the world.

You get shared values, exponential energy, inspired implementation, valuable business connections and lifelong friendships.

What’s Included?



Powerful Group Mentoring and 1:1 Accountability and Strategy Sessions. Access to Lead Facilitator and Expert Mentors


Promotion Plan

Creation of a Promotion Plan: a step-by-step guide to grow business and predict revenue


Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to Global iLAB Community and iLAB Digital Vault of templates, tools and go-to resources


Fun Activities

Numerous cultural, social, fitness and adventure activities


Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation in luxurious suite in one of our Entrepreneur Resorts. Nutrition-packed breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as tea breaks and unlimited coconuts


Free Transport

Pick-up and drop off from the airport

Stay Connected:

Entrepreneur Mastermind 12 Month Subscription & Monthly iLAB Alumni Accountability sessions to continue your momentum and success.


12 months access to Genius Entrepreneur mastermind – Get your questions answered by Roger James Hamilton on a monthly virtual group mastermind call

12 Months Membership to Genius Mentors

Entrepreneur Beach Club – 12 month Membership – Access to all our co-working cafes and entrepreneur communities in paradise locations around the world.

Global Entrepreneur Summit Platinum Package – Get ‘2020 Ready’ with the top 10 trends Global entrepreneurs are riding to attract customers, maximise profits, increase impact and work from anywhere.

Wealth Dynamics Power Pack – Identify your core genius and who you need to be surrounding yourself with to maximise your wealth, with our Wealth Dynamics tools.

Exponential Entrepreneur 2-day live workshop – Learn the tools and strategies to achieve consistent 5% to 10% growth every month, and how to 10X your business from $1m to $10m.


If you want to learn how to create and structure your business to align your with your highest values, and develop a custom step-by-step plan (flight path) based upon your unique talent, skills and genius… then iLAB is for you.

Our ideal iLAB’rs fall into these categories:

Ambitious and action-oriented
new entrepreneurs

You’ve got an idea, expertise and a passion, but you’re unsure how to turn it into a sustainable business.

Established business owners

You’ve been operating for some time and you’re looking to grow your revenue, team and impact. Perhaps you’re looking to free yourself up from operations and empower your team more, generate sustainable cash flow in your business, launch a new product, monetise a tribe, or develop a sustainable business model.

Scaling enterprises

You’re wanting to move into new locations or new segments, and you need help to get there.

Regardless of which of the above situations you’re in, iLAB is designed to help you solve your current challenges and take your business to the next level.


We’ve hosted 60+ Accelerators, and mentored over 600+ entrepreneurs from over 30 different countries through life-changing experiences. Participants discovered their greater purpose, connected with their identity, found their natural flow, mastered their market and monetised their business through profitable promotions.


The investment for iLAB 2019 ranges from USD $4,695 (Twin-Share) to USD $9,800 (Single Room), depending upon when you sign up, which program you want to participate in, your room type and the location you prefer.

We also offer payment plans.

It’s best to speak to one of our iLAB Igniters to work out which program is most suitable for you and your business.


We believe the Entrepreneur Movement and changemakers like you can boldly lead the way for the world we all hope for. In that spirit, we’ve redesigned our popular iLABs to be themed around a particular purpose connected to one of the UN Global Goals

In these special iLABs, plunge into unforgettable experiences with the right group of entrepreneurs who share your energy and vision, who are eager to celebrate your wins, challenge you to greater accomplishments, share innovations and reinvigorate you during the inevitable emotional roller coaster of breaking entirely new ground.

Together, let’s craft world-class businesses with heart and purpose.

In our experience, when purpose, passion, knowledge and community come together, there is no limit to what may be accomplished.
Book a call to find out more about iLAB and which program is most suitable for your business right now.


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