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Team Engineered Masterclass

Invest 3 days in this high powered masterclass to Attract the right people, in the right way, to grow your business and profitability in 2019

Entrepreneur Resorts Presents The Team Engineered Masterclass

March 1st - 5th 2019, Vision Villa Resort Bali

Lack of Time and Team is the biggest cause of stress, anxiety and money for most Entrepreneurs

ATTRACT | RETAIN | MAXIMISE  is a revolutionary new system developed by Jade Green that helps entrepreneurs to move up the wealth spectrum and grow a business and team that is productive and profitable. 

ATTRACT the best possible talent, no matter the size of your business at the right rate and time

RETAIN them in the business with a team culture that makes them want to work and stay with you  

MAXIMISE your business potential by creating processes and systems that result in higher performance and increased profitability 

What if there is a way you can create a blueprint to follow each time you need to create a new task, recruit a team member or outsource a project?

There is. Jade has been using this strategy in the million-dollar businesses she has built for herself and her clients and is sharing the exact blueprint to success with you at an immersive 3 day residential Masterclass in Bali.

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What you can expect:

  • Take the steps to stop paying high contractor rates
  • Re-engage your personal self with the best use of your skills, and learn how to outsource the rest
  • Create your Team : Engineered Blueprint
  • Unlock your business three key questions: Why You, Why Now, Why Them, and get them to articulate that for you
  • Build your Attractive Brand, so you can attract the top people and contractors, every time
  • Develop a solid 2019 Team Development Success Plan
  • Develop your own version of the four-step system
  • Learn how to lead from the front with effective behaviours that resonate with your potential team members
  • Uncover your ‘Freedom Number’ the real number that gives you the freedom syour business to create
  • Re-establish what success really looks like for you

Here is what you will get when you join us at
the Team Engineered Masterclass:

A detailed social media training specifically focusing on Linkedin strategies to help you position yourself in front of the right clients, contractors and freelancers

3 Wealth Dynamics Profile Tokens to help you identify your prospects, your team and develop the insights to where they can fit in your organisation

3 days of personal coaching and mentoring by Jade to develop your ATTRACTIVE brand and team building strategy

Your personalised Team Success Blueprint, your roadmap to growing your projects and your team in 2019

4 night stay at the beautiful Vision Villa Resort in Medahan, Bali - the perfect location for learning and implementing your business plans

Your personalised Wealth Dynamics report and pathway to success designed by Roger Hamilton

All-inclusive, SUPER healthy plant based full meal plan designed by Chef Cynthia Louise to super-charge your body and mind during the event

To be clear

This is not a sit down and listen program. It is specifically designed for you and an intimate group of like minded Entrepreneurs to roll-up-your-sleeves and get your team building systems and strategies nailed!

Super Early Bird Rate available for the first 5 people.

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Mindvalley U Tallinn 2018 _7MM8947 - photo by Mardo Männimäginew

About Your Masterclass Faciltator:

As a transformational teacher, learning junkie, spiritual being and adventure Jade has built an international reputation as a hard-charging, rule-breaking, high performance entrepreneur, speaker, and transformational coach. As a certified trainer and facilitator for Mindvalley and The Genius Group, she is able to combine world class content and methodologies with 2 decades of experience building businesses.

Among other accolades, Jade has been honoured as one of StartUp Daily’s Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40, received two Bronze International Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and her Search Firm, Velocity Consulting, was the very first business to receive investment from The Entourage Growth Fund. 


I help start-ups and entrepreneurs to attract the right team in their business so they can leverage it, just like multi-million dollar
businesses do.

Being an Entrepreneur or business owner, is hard enough without the headaches of team management.

If you haven’t had to manage people, hire or fire before it can feel like you are running a kindergarten where someone gave out the red cordial.

Even if you do have experience, being the business owner makes it a different game altogether.

The constant cycle of spending your time finding, training and developing team only to have them leave you for a bigger, brighter opportunities.

It’s frustrating and disappointing. That is why this immersive masterclass is so important. It is designed with doing time, and implementation.  

And the reason why this Masterclass is so intimate and exclusive, is I want you to have my direct and personal help every step of the way.

So that when you leave, all of the work is done.

You won’t go and learn all these new strategies and then get home and think “Well that was really great, and I really want to do that but I’m back into the world which means I don’t have time to do any of it.”

You will walk away with this done.  

You might have some things to tweak but you will have ongoing support and the specifics of what you need to do to close it.

And I guarantee you this.

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