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Are you an Impact Entrepreneur bold enough to change the world?

Are you an Impact Entrepreneur bold enough to change the world?

Be invited to spend 15 life-changing days with us in magical Bali, the famed Island of the Gods, collaborating with Roger James Hamilton and 15 other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and visionary change-makers

iLAB Accelerators are held at Vision Villas, Bali's premium Entrepreneur Resort, located in Medahan, a cultural village deep in the heart of the island. Amongst an animated landscape of sacred temples, subak rice terraces,perfumed skies, honeyed beaches and volcanic waves, join a community of entrepreneurs bold enough to press pause on their normal lives and manifest a bigger dream and a better world.

After 32 Accelerators, mentoring 320+ entrepreneurs from over 20 different countries through life-changing experiences, where participants discovered their greater purpose, connected with their identity, found their natural flow, mastered their market and monetised their business through profitable promotions, we're ready here in Bali to raise the stakes and embark on a daring new adventure together.

This year, we've aligned ourselves with the United Nations 2030 Global Goals, a multi-country initiative committed to ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

We believe the Entrepreneur Movement and changemakers like you can boldly lead the way for the world we all hope for. In that spirit, we've redesigned our popular iLABs to be themed around a particular purpose connected to one of the UN Global Goals.

In these special iLABs, plunge into unforgettable experiences with the right group of entrepreneurs who share your energy and vision, who are eager to celebrate your wins, challenge you to greater accomplishments, share innovations and reinvigorate you during the inevitable emotional roller coaster of breaking entirely new ground.

Together, let's craft world-class businesses with heart and purpose.

Program Principles

The iLAB program is based on Roger James Hamilton's Wealth Lighthouse, a system composed of 9 Levels Of Wealth and 5 Key Fundamentals he found most helpful to those who want to design their lives and businesses for greater impact. With this system, take control over the level of income you create, the value you deliver, and the legacy you could leave.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.�

Jane Goodall.

Genius Cafe Food Experience

We take care of the business of nutrition, so that you can focus on accelerating your business. High-level entrepreneurs know that in order to achieve peak performance, you need proper fuel. At iLAB, with the Genius Cafe Food Experience, we only source from seasonal local produce and organic ingredients proven to nourish your body and enhance your mind. Everyday, we'll deliver inspired dishes and snacks which contain the nutrients and minerals needed to lift you up and sustain you while building the dream.

Program Details

What's included:

Pick-up and drop off from Ngurah Rai Airport

Luxurious king-size villa with private outdoor Balinese bathroom

Nutrition-packed breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as tea breaks and unlimited coconuts

Lead Facilitator and Expert Mentors, including Roger James Hamilton

Powerful Group Mentoring and 1:1 Accountability and Strategy Sessions

Creation of a Promotion Plan: a step-by-step guide to grow business and predict revenue

Numerous cultural, social, fitness and adventure activities

Lifetime Access to Global iLAB Community and iLAB Digital Vault of templates, tools and go-to resources

Stay Connected: Entrepreneur Mastermind 12 Month Subscription & Monthly Live Web Meets to continue your momentum and success

Not included:

Return ticket to Bali

Alcohol and coffee, lunch and dinner on weekends, adventure activities, laundry, spa packages and mini bar

The Real Secret of iLAB

Past participants confessed the real secret of iLAB: it's not just about what you learn there, but rather more about the people you meet. Though the program content is powerful on its own, something magical happens when a small tribe of entrepreneurs come together for 15 or 30 days who all ache to deliver a greater impact in the world: shared values, exponential energy, inspired implementation, business connections and lifelong friendships.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: at iLAB, you get what you NEED, not what you WANT. And the best thing is here we learn to connect our hearts to our business and that's what makes it more special than anything else. It's changed my mindset and life in so many ways."

- Suparna Malhotra

"If you know you have an incredible product, but don't know how to get it out into the world . if you've struggled and struggled in someway, shape or form, come to iLAB. You're going to get clarity and guidance, and you'll take your product out into the world and do what you really came here to do."

- Beth Lefrevre

"I now understand the "why" behind my business. I now know how we can use the really good things we do in the world as a way to help people understand what our business is really about and how to attract better partners!"

- David Harding

"It's wonderful to have energy like this! You gain the "hard skills" and the "soft skills" and learn exactly how to implement these into your business. You learn how to connect to your market and connect to your life. If you love your business, your life and your family, come to iLAB!"

- Tanatep Rusmidara

Upcoming Events

iLab 42 For Health Entrepreneurs
May 21 - Jun 04 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 43 For Fast Growth Tech Entrepreneurs
Jul 16 - Jul 30 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 44 For Exponential Entrepreneurs
Aug 06 - Aug 20 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab - General
Aug 27 - Sep 10 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 45 - General
Sep 17 - Oct 01 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 46 For Environment Entrepreneurs
Oct 08 - Oct 22 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 47 For Educator Entrepreneurs
Nov 12 - Nov 26 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 48 For Women's Leadership Entrepreneurs
Nov 26 - Dec 10 2017, Bali, Indonesia

iLab 49 For Family Entrepreneurs
Dec 13 2017 - Jan 11 2018, Bali, Indonesia

In our experience, when purpose, passion and knowledge come together, there is no ceiling to what can be accomplished. You are invited to join us to Bali, where the new Entrepreneur Movement meets.

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