Learn The Tools To Build A Global Anytime- Anyplace Business & Totally Transform The Way You Live And Work

Welcome to iLab Accelerator, the first Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator in Asia. Hosted by Entrepreneurs Institute, and located on the paradise island of Bali, at the luxurious Vision Villas. The program includes one month’s accommodation, co-working, training and mentoring for entrepreneurs and gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with business experts for instant support and feedback. Most importantly of all, iLab Accelerator gives you the tools to build a global, anytime anyplace business and the chance to live life on your terms. This program is limited to only 15 entrepreneurs to ensure generous feedback for you.

Enjoy Adventures, Collaboration, Mentorship & Business Acceleration

Asia’s first entrepreneur immersion resort
Includes 30 days Business Mentoring & Your Lifestyle Program, iLab Accommodation & Genius Café Package at Vision Villas Resort


Launched in 2014, we now proudly give you The Genius Café Food Experience, offering you the complete daily nutrition package. With menus crafted from the best locally sourced organic food and complimented by delicious fresh smoothies and unlimited coconuts, your nutrient and mineral intake at iLab has been carefully designed to give your body everything it needs to help support your new business future.


Imagine 30 jam-packed days of mentorship, adventures, fellow dynamic entrepreneurs and powerful business acceleration all taking place on the paradise island of Bali. This intense mix of work/life environment, peer review, training sessions, shared resources and access to experts will dramatically accelerate your progress in a way that no other consulting or in-house training can. By the end of the 30 days, you will completely transform your business and dramatically increase the difference you make to others. This is your opportunity to start living life by design, and having control on the level of income you create and the value you deliver. Here’s what else to expect:

Fun: Mix work with adventure, relaxation and fun. This is a focused resort style working environment to give you an unforgettable taste of work/life balance in paradise

Feedback: Receive personalised 1:1 feedback and hands on assistance from renowned experts on specific areas of your business

Freedom: Learn the exact steps and discover how to work remotely and run a global, anytime-anyplace business that frees your time and allows you to do the things you really want to do!

Food: Take advantage of our brand new Genius Café Food Experience, using seasonal fruits and vegetables perfect for nutrient boosting snacks. Daily menus designed with the right balance of minerals and water content to keep you hydrated and fuelled throughout the day

Flow: Find your flow to discover what aspects of business compliment your profile, what you should be delegating & where you really should be spending your time to maximize your profits

Fullness: Health, exercise, state management and meditation are all part of the mix. This is the complete holistic package.

Famaliarise: Meet like-minded fellow entrepreneurs and difference makers who believe that one person and one vision can make a huge impact

Fly: Leave with a step-by-step plan on what steps you need to take after the program so your business starts to fly

Vivien Bateman

I was busy, busy, busy, busy in my business. Doing, doing, doing. Working in my business and not on it. The opportunity to come to iLab for a whole month and work on my business and not “in” it, was absolutely liberating.

I’ve actually started a new business while I am here, and I got another two that I started two years ago that I am resurrecting as well.

Freeing my mind to give me the space for it all to come back again.

The most surprising thing has been the connections I’ve made with the people here.

Bali has got a special magic.

Don’t hesitate for a minute. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Vivien Bateman
Caroline Thomas

iLab Accelerator is quite simply life changing! If you want to grow your business, or expand globally, and learn to run your business from anywhere in the world, this is the programme for you. It gets even better, as not only is it an amazing Entrepreneur programme, it’s on the beautiful island of Bali at Vision Villas resort. The team at Vision Villas are brilliant, nothing is too much trouble. The fabulous mentors will blow your mind, but the power of co-workingis seriously underestimated. You’ll make life long friends, find people to partner on projects and opportunities with, and learn so much from the experiences of the people that you’re working alongside. I highly recommend iLab to everyone I meet. It will be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself AND your business, good luck :)

Caroline Thomas


This boutique resort is tailored to travellers and groups who seek to retreat, reflect, revive and renew.

Located away from Bali’s tourist belt, Vision Villas offers a seventeen room retreat tailored to learning and discovery, with luxurious rooms, water gardens, gorgeous outdoor pavilions and Bali’s most comprehensive library of books and DVDs – covering all subjects from health, wealth and leadership to relationships and personal growth.

Vision Villas creates the perfect opportunity and environment for a life changing experience. A haven of tranquil seclusion; it is the perfect location for relaxation, introspection and transformation.

“We created the Vision Villa resort as a sanctuary to get vision and give vision. The vision we trust that our guests will get is in the flow of water and sculptures through the resort, our unique library and rooms named after Balinese gods. The vision we know our guests will give is through our connection with the John Fawcett Foundation, whose selfless work in restoring the eyesight of local Balinese we have supported since the launch of our resort. This means your stay is directly contributing to the gift of vision in Bali. Vision comes in the form of both sight and insight, and our philosophy is summed up by the quote from Helen Keller, written on the wall of Vision Villas Resort: “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Roger & Renate Hamilton, Founders of Vision Villas Resort


Just launched, we now proudly offer The Genius Food Café Experience with the amazing Chef Cynthia. Inspired by locally grown ingredients, you will taste an abundance of delicious salads, mouth-watering main dishes, seasonal fresh fruits, unlimited coconuts, nutrient-packed smoothies, fresh fruit unique to Bali and yummy deserts. Our motto with The Genius Food Café Experience is simple: To give your body what it needs to create an amazing business lifestyle.

Your Genius Cafe Food Experience Includes:

  • Morning Tea (protein balls, smoothies, coconuts, fresh fruit)
  • Lunch (salads, juice, coconuts, delicious main dishes, fresh fruit, desserts)
  • Afternoon Tea (fresh fruit, coconuts, slices)
  • Dinner (juice, coconuts, delicious new main dishes, salads, fresh fruit, desserts)
  • PLUS unlimited Coconuts during your stay at iLab

Dense in nutrients, low in fat, our high plant-based foods set you up for each day of your iLab experience and will keep you bursting with energy. Try one of our nutrient packed smoothies, called The Think Tank, or graze from our delicious breakfast buffet. For all meals, we use only locally sourced, organic fresh vegetables perfect for boosting your body and for adding an alkalising element to support your blood flow. We use whole, real food. There is nothing hidden. Nothing extra. No afternoon slumps. No sugar highs or sugar lows.

Just pure, natural health.

Our menus are designed to support the detoxification process so as you let go of your old way of doing things, you can 100% mind and body, step into a brand new future.

We make a commitment to our food at iLab. We feed your heart, your mind, your soul and all your organs knowing that throughout each day we help you build an extraordinary business.


The real secret of iLab is not what you learn; but who you meet. Bring together a small tribe of entrepreneurs who all share the same core values as you and who all strive to create a bigger impact on the world and it’s inevitable you will forge powerful life long friendships and business connections. Learn, grow, laugh, stretch, expand, enjoy, have fun and connect with the other like-minded souls who will share this amazing 30-day journey by your side.


The one month program is based on Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Lighthouse, with five key fundamentals. These are the core elements in living a life by design, and having control on the level of income you create and value you deliver:

1. Life Design – A clear vision for what success and fulfillment looks like to you, in all aspects of your life, including your wealth, health, energy, relationships and environment.

2. Managing Flow – Optimising your effectiveness in your time and communication, getting clarity in how to gain the greatest flow through your natural path and rhythm.

3. Identify your Identity – How to develop a market position to create ongoing attraction whilst living anywhere in the world – starting with Bali.

4. Master your Market – How to build the products, partnerships, service and systems to build a world class business that can keep you mobile and master of where and when you work.

5. Monetize your Moment – How to create effective promotions that deliver results and income, with a process of testing and measuring to ensure ongoing improvements in your business.


This is a total immersion program where the focus is on creating a work life balance. This is not just a program where you get revved up and then go home. During the 30 days there is an extraordinarily high level of implementation and you will be called to account by the Lead Facilitator. When you leave you will leave with a promotion plan – a step-by-step guide on what you need to implement to change your business forever.

What’s Included:

  • Personalised 1:1 and group mentoring sessions
  • Your own king-size bedroom & large private outdoor Balinese bathroom at Vision Villas Resort.
  • Our World Class Genius Café Food Experience, includes breakfast every day plus lunch, dinner and tea breaks Monday to Friday as well as unlimited coconuts. The café creates food only from local seasonal produce that enhances the body, mind and souls experience during iLAB.
  • Traditional Balinese Cultural Welcome Event
  • Balinese Blessing & Closing Ceremony
  • Optional organised & tailoured evening and weekend social and adventure activities
  • Global Entrepreneur Social event, iLAB has partnered with Startup Grind and is the Chapter Director of Bali, Indonesia
  • Free Wealth Dynamics Profile & Spectrum Tokens
  • iLab Vault educational resources – including templates, recordings, tools & expert sessions from previous iLabs
  • Lifetime Membership to the iLab Global Community on Facebook
  • Your own, complete workbook & resource manual for use during the event and as a valuable reference for when you return home
  • Free access to Roger James Hamilton’s GeniusU Platform and The Millionaire Master Plan book as well as genius missions relevant to iLAB
  • Free welcome, 30 minute massage to de-stress you from your flight and travel to Bali
  • Full resort services as you’d expect, room service, water and cleaning, daily
  • High speed Wifi throughout the entire resort. We have one of the best connections available in Bali
  • In-house spa and Genius Café serving amazing fresh organic juices, smoothies and whole foods for you to energise, nourish and care for yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to not only treat yourself, you can do it in a super healthy way
  • Daily activities organised through your group, including sessions on the beach, located just 20min walk away, use of gym, morning yoga sessions with yoga mats and the incredible environment around our resort that’s located well away from the hustle and bustle, in the heart of rural Bali


8th Apr – 22nd Apr  iLAB 16

21st May – 19th Jun iLAB 17

5th July – 19th July  iLAB 17C (2 Wk)

30th July – 28th Aug iLAB 18

3rd Sep – 2nd Oct  iLAB 19

11th Oct – 25th Oct  iLAB 19D

12th Nov – 11th Dec  iLAB 20

17th Dec – 15th Jan  iLAB 21

Location: Vision Villas, Bali

Please note: This program is limited to 15 entrepreneurs, to ensure that you receive generous amounts of personalised coaching and mentoring with the presenters and mentors.


Morning and afternoon sessions with the four industry experts include:

  • Create your future vision: how to connect with your purpose, your “why” and your life’s mission
  • Look in depth at the Wealth Dynamics Profiling & learn your greatest flow, how to build a team, who you should be looking for in your team and how to identify the perfect team members
  • Develop your unique market identity – what makes you stand out from your competitors & how to utilise this in your promotions
  • Understand various different business models and which one works best for you and your lifestyle desires
  • Transform the way you work – set up the perfect rhythm for your day and week using the Wealth Dynamic 5 Elements
  • Create and execute a 10k or 100k promotional blueprint so you can run it again and again (the key to automating your business)
  • How To – Outsource, Web Development, You Tube Marketing, Google analytics, Pay per click, Facebook advertising,
  • Outline your 12 month business plan quarter-by-quarter, step-by-step.
Karlene Graham

If you feel like your life dreams, talents & business ambitions are all pieces, of an important puzzle that you’re struggling to put together, iLab is the place to go to connect the dots and make all your efforts count

Karlene Graham
Sandras J Phiri

Lab was the best investment for my business. It saved me many years of trial and error. It was great learning from amazing global mentors. And what better place to do it from than Bali! I totally recommend.

Sandras J Phiri



Metal / Winter
Water / Spirit
Wood / Spring
Fire / Summer
Earth / Autumn

Financials & Back End Systems
Life Design, Purpose & Contribution
Products & Promotions
Teams & Partnerships
Marketing & Front end systems
Family Pool Party & Entrepreneur Evening
Adventure Program


Roger Hamilton

Roger James Hamilton is a New York Times Bestselling author, world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur.  He is the Founder of the Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Each year, Roger meets with leading changemakers and entrepreneurs at his Fast Forward Your Business Events, held in Asia, Australia, UK and USA.  Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: Collectively shaping a brighter future through 3 catalysts of change – Entrepreneurship, Education and Environment.

Sandra Morrell

Sandra is a Multi Million dollar business Success story..having turned just one of her businesses from a zero to a $6.5 million dollar success by adding just a few simple systems and processes.. that enabled the business to be replicated across 38 agencies.. it was right then that Sandra understood the value of leverage and multiplying in business.

She is a visionary, wanting to give back to small businesses as she knows how tough it is right now in the market as she has owned, sold and built or worked with hundred’s of small businesses in the past 25 years.

Sandra’s message is simple “to have your business work for you.. not the other way round”.. will put the purpose back into your life!

Shane Bowen

Originally from Brisbane, Australia Shane has lived through three successful careers before moving to Bali in 2013 to pursue his passion as a video editor and all round AV Techician.

He currently manages the AV requirements for Wealth Dynamics and ILAB as part of his company “Your Online Videos”.

Putu Sri Utari Dewi

Utari is the Executive Assistant of Vision Villas Entrepreneur Resort. From Ubub, Bali, hospitality is her passion. She started her career in this industry in 1998 in many 5 star hotels in Bali and Java.

She believes success is about good attitude and heart.

Yanick Suriyati

Yanick has been managing the logistical requirements of iLAB as well as a great support to the iLAB attendees during their stay at Vision Villas Entrepreneur Resort. She loves the beach, and is thankful that her home is near the beach in Sanur.

Odhe Indra Permana Sandhi

Odhe is from the local Medahan village that Vision Villas occupies. He is currently iLABs head Activity Coordinator and general fun guy. He is completing his degree


Terri Billington

Terri is a multi award winner, winning 2009 WA Franchise woman of the year, and very proud to say a state finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards in the same year… a milestone considering the competition was Georgina Rinehart. For over 12 months Terri also held the title of number one female business coach for the Global number one business-coaching firm – ActionCOACH.

Terri loves to teach and is often found on a stage somewhere around Australia and even around the world. She loves to share her stories and experiences, whilst adding in a strategy or two so others can take some well tested action to improve their business and life positions. She is also the co-author of three books.

Donna Meredith

Donna is the creator and lead coach of Live it up Coaching. A personal development specialist, mentor, speaker and ‘director of flow’, Donna teaches powerful techniques in self awareness and consciousness enabling every individual to tap into their potential.

Specialising in working with individuals to discover empowerment, access their strengths, discover your true capabilities and get their life into full circle perspective – from creating amazing relationships to building confidence for business.

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn is the marketing guru behind the success of many ground-breaking business ventures. People call him ‘Wizard of WOW’ because Paul is about turning normal into abnormal – ordinary into extraordinary.

Paul has been traveling around the world – speaking, mentoring and inspiring hundreds of thousands business people for over 30 years. He is also one of the founders of B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) initiative.

John Abbott

As an events promoter John has had the most incredible opportunities to have connected and worked with and promoted for some of the most inspiring people on the planet including: Roger Hamilton, Dr John Demartini, Paul Dunn, Patch Adams, Don Tolman, Sir Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

John now lives in Bali with his wife and adopted daughter Allegra. John shows business owners how to live, learn and love what you do from an island anywhere in the world.

Leah Ritz

Born and raised on a farm in small-town Saskatchewan (Canada); Leah learned the value of hard work, dedication and having fun early in life.

After graduating from Carleton University with a Marketing & Psychology degree, Leah moved back to western Canada and settled into pursuing a political career working in government. Through the years she worked in all levels of Canadian government; federal, provincial and municipal.

Now Leah is the CEO of Infinity Marketing Empire and for the most part, you’ll find her speaking on stage, facilitating group training programs and developing new products and services to support her clients.

Monty Hooke

Imagine waking up in paradise each day and commanding your business from your laptop. Your dashboard showing you all that’s going on financially, your team checking in from around the world and then seeing the sales your partners made for you while you slept. Get ready to be delighted and stretched.

Monty G. Hooke has been the director of several companies and involved in the startup of countless businesses during his professional life. A true entrepreneur with a passion for business, personal development & mentoring others, who started his journey with his first business at eight years old.

Now, as the Director of ‘Ezy VA, Monty works with hundreds of business owners around the world to help them get their time back and build their businesses without relying on them doing the work or even being in it. As an expert in using leverage in business, outsourcing and building virtual teams, Monty travels the world teaching entrepreneurs to develop their natural gifts and talents, build teams, and spend their time doing that which they love, to build their ideal business and lifestyle.

Christele Canard

Christele is a dynamic leadership development consultant, executive coach and speaker, committed to empowering leaders at all levels to positively impact their business, community and their lives.

She is the founder of Switched On Leadership, an executive training organisation focused on providing leaders with the skills, strategies and mindset required to thrive in an increasingly complex and rapidly transforming world. She specialises in business behaviours that build trust, add value and encourage powerful team dynamics.

Driven to uncover the most effective and powerful strategies in business today, Christele launched Switched On Leadership magazine in 2013. Here she invites thought leaders, world class innovators, successful entrepreneurs and game-changers to share their knowledge, experience and insights.

With world-wide distribution, Switched On Leadership magazine is fast becoming the go-to resource for leaders wanting to take their success to the next level.

She has worked with clients from a range of industries including property, banking, retail, manufacturing and government. Clients have included Knight Frank, The Myer Centre, Parmalat, South Bank Corporation, Department of Environment, Department of Premier & Cabinet and Department of Training & Industrial Relations.

She has lectured at both Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology, and facilitated courses for The Australian Institute of Management.

Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke is a business development expert, social entrepreneur and director of Talent Dynamics. She is committed to providing businesses and organisations the opportunity to transform performance through experiencing the benefits of trust and flow.


If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and find yourself saying yes to any of the following statements, then we would recommend you consider iLab Accelerator:

  • You’ve reached a plateau in your current business and don’t know how to take the next big, life-changing step, forward
  • You’re caught up “in” your business rather than building it (you find it hard to focus on bigger profit building strategies as you’re too busy trying to “do” everything)
  • You’re ready to expand globally and start making the bigger difference or impact you know you’re capable of making
  • You want to learn how to automate your business, elegantly and easily, so you can run it remotely from anywhere in the world (maybe even a sun-kissed beach in Bali!)
  • You wish to launch an exciting new start-up and have expert mentor guidance & help right from the planning stage

All freedom seekers, change makers, visionaries and impact entrepreneurs are more than welcome!


iLab Accelerator is so much more than just a course. It has been specifically designed to force you to think differently, act differently and shift your entire perspective. During these 30 highly focussed and powerful days you will be so immersed in a brand new world that your old habits and limiting beliefs cannot fail to be replaced by powerful new habits and beliefs on how much you can achieve.

This is Asia’s first immersion program – giving you a unique taste of work life balance in paradise. And where better than Vision Villas in beautiful Bali? Beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery, luxurious accommodation and now sumptuous, nutrition packed food at the Genius Café Food Experience.

But be warned! This program WILL change your life.

If you’re ready for a complete and utter paradigm shift in what is possible for you and your business, then reserve your place for the next iLab Accelerator and join your fellow entrepreneurs on a journey of a lifetime.


We always receive a high level of applicants for each program so please apply today to avoid disappointment

What our iLAB Graduates are saying about their amazing experience at iLAB